Christian Toscano

How to fix version GLIBC not found

Spoiler: you need to downgrade the OS

Bye bye NextJS

Reasons why I'm migrating my website from NextJS to Bridgetown.

Setup Ruby with Visual Studio Code - 2023 edition

Setup and best extensions to make Ruby and Ruby on Rails work with Visual Studio Code.

What I learned in March 2023

Summary of what I learned in March as a Software Developer while working for my job and side projects

Build your own useTranslation hook with NextJS

I needed a lightway solution to support internationalization so I've built my own useTranslation hook and I've been using this code for the last year on my website.

How to deploy a React and ExpressJS monorepository to Heroku

Deep dive into the Heroku build phases in order to deploy an application built on top of React, Express and Yarn Workspaces from a single GitHub repository