Christian Toscano

Best VS Code extensions and settings for Ruby and Ruby on Rails

The best Visual Studio Code extensions and settings to work with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, bring several RubyMine features.

How to fix version GLIBC not found

Here is how to fix this annoying error. This usually happens when the Operating System provides a more recent version of GLIBC than the software you are trying to run.

Bye bye NextJS

Reasons why I'm migrating my website from NextJS to Bridgetown.

Build your own useTranslation hook with NextJS

I needed a lightway solution to support internationalization so I've built my own useTranslation hook and I've been using this code for the last year on my website.

How to deploy a React and ExpressJS monorepository to Heroku

Deep dive into the Heroku build phases in order to deploy an application built on top of React, Express and Yarn Workspaces from a single GitHub repository