Christian Toscano

Christian Toscano
Build your own useTranslation hook with Next.js

I needed a lightway solution to support internationalization so I've built my own useTranslation hook and I've been using this code for the last year on my website.


Things I learned in 2021 as a software developer

Things I learned in 2021 about software development, work-life balance, carrers and relationships.


Developing software requires good soft skills

Relationships, communication, coordination, cooperation, consistency are the keywords to write good software while working in a team


Enchant your Ruby experience with these Visual Studio Code extensions

In this article I will talk about five useful but unknown Visual Studio extensions for writing in Ruby that are saving me so much time everyday.


How to deploy a React and ExpressJS monorepository to Heroku

Let's understand how the Heroku build phases work in order to deploy an application built on top of React, Express and Yarn Workspaces from a single GitHub repository.